List of the Bimetal Bushings manufactured by us:

4.gif (2696 bytes) Spring Eye / Shackle Bushings
Connecting Rod Small End & Piston Pin Bushings
Camshaft Bushings
Valve Rocker Bushings
King Pin / Spindle Bushings
Centre Pin Bushings
Self Starter Bushings
Steering  Bushings
Brake Pedal Bushings
Clutch Pedal Bushings

Gear Bushings
(a) Reverse Gear Bushings
(b) 2nd Speed Gear
(c) High-low Gear Bushings
Oil Pump  Bushings
+ We master the Art of Manufacturing Bushings of any type as per Customer Specifications, Drawings or Samples.


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               Different Raw Materials used in Bimetal Bushings

   HF - 2
   SAE 792


   ISO: Cu Pb 10 Sn 10

80.0 Cu
10.0 Sn
10.0 Pb
High physicals,
excellent resistance to
pounding and shock,
high load capacity,
good wear resistance
Piston pin, steering, track rollers, cylinders, rock shaft, axle bushings, wear plate, high-impact thrust washers (hard shaft desirables)
   HF - 3
   SAE 798
84.0 Cu
4.0 Sn
8.0 Pb
4.0 Max. Zn
Good shock, load capacity & corrosion resistance, somewhat lower physical strength than HF - 2 General purpose bushing material, spring eye, rocker arm, utility bushings (hard shaft desirables)
   HF - 16
   SAE 799


   ISO: Cu Pb 24 Sn 4

72.0 Cu
3.5 Sn
23.0 Pb
3.0 Max. Zn
Combines good friction, embeddability, compatibility with medium load capacity, will accept higher surface speed and load Heavy-duty camshaft, electric motor, automatic transmission, hydraulic pump, gear changers
   SAE 791

  ISO: Cu Sn 5 Zn 4

88.0 Cu
4.0 Sn
4.0 Pb
4.0 Zn
Good fatigue, corrosion resistance, shock and load capacity, for low surface speed Oscillating components, piston pin, controls, electric motors, some automatic transmission parts
   SAE 480
65.0 Cu
35.0 Pb
Good frictional, lubricity, conformability, more resistant to fatigue than babbitt Pumps, small electric motors, not for corrosive environment
   H-35 LT
   SAE 482
65.0 Cu
28.0 Pb
7.0 Sn
Good fatigue, comformability, and corrosion resistance Intermediate-duty engines, pumps
   SAE 49

   ISO: Cu Pb 24 Sn

74.5 Cu
24.5 Pb
1.0 Sn
Very high fatigue and very good corrosion resistance Heavy-duty engines, pumps, compressors for soft and hard shafts

   ISO: Cu Pb 24 Sn 4

73.0 Cu
23.75 Pb
35 Sn
Higher fatigue and very good corrosion resistance Primarily for heavy-duty engines with top load and durability requirements (hard shafts)
   H-14 83.0 Cu
14.0 Pb
3.0 Sn
Highest fatigue with improved corrosion resistance Highest load capacity for diesel engines (hard shaft)
   Tin Base
   SAE 12

   ISO: Sn Sb 8 Cu 4

89.0 Sn
  3.5 Cu
  7.5 Sb
Soft, good embeddability,
resistance and
Camshafts, low-load engines, motors, pumps, refrig. compressors (hard and soft shafts)
   Lead Base
   SAE 13
   ISO: Pb Sb 10 Sn 6
84.0 Pb
  6.0 Sn
10.0 Sb
Soft, good embeddability,
less corrosion
Same as above except not used in corrosive environment
   Lead Base
   SAE 15
   ISO: Pb Sb 15 Sn As
83.0 Pb
  1.0 Sn
15.0 Sb
  1.0 As
   Lead Base
   SAE 14
   ISO: Pb Sb 15 Sn 10
75.0 Pb
10.0 Sn
15.0 Sb
   SAE 781

   ISO: Al Si 4 Cd

95.0 Al
4.0 Si
1.0 Cd
Superior corrosion resistance, good fatigue resistance Medium-duty engines, automatic transmission bushings-(less overlay)(soft and hard shafts)
   SAE 782

   ISO: Al Cd 3 Cu Ni

95.0 Al
3.0 Cd
1.0 Cu
1.0 Ni
Superior corrosion resistance, good fatigue resistance Medium-and heavy-duty engines, pumps (soft and hard shafts)
   A-250 93.5 Al
3.0 Cd
1.0 Cu
1.0 Ni
1.5 Mn
Superior corrosion resistance, highest fatigue resistance Primarily for heavy-duty engines with top load and durability requirements (use with hard shafts)

   ISO: Al Sn 6 Cu

90.75 Al
6.25 Sn
1.50 Si
1.00 Cu
0.50 Ni
Superior corrosion resistance, good fatigue resistance Maximum-duty engines, pumps, automatic transissions, piston pins (hard shafts desired)
   SAE 783

   ISO: Al Sn 20 Cu

79.0 Al
20.0 Sn
1.0 Cu
Good fatigue, corrosion and conformability characteristics Medium-load engines, pumps,compressor, electric motors (hard   and soft shafts)
   AL-6 89.5 Al
6.0 Pb
4.0 Si
0.5 Sn
Good fatigue, corrosion and conformability characteristics, excellent compatibility Medium-load engines, pumps,compressor, electric motors, automatic transmission (hard  and soft shafts)


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